Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do whutcho mumma say!

I wouldn't consider my family old-fashioned. Actually, my parents (and even my g'ma) are quite liberal and "cool"; for example, for my 21st birthday party they threw me a kiddie theme party and gave out goodie bags with condoms. To my friends. All of them.

Anyways, as cool as we are, I never realized how strange some of our household rules were until my bf pointed them out. And then I got talking with my friends and I'm all like, doesn't EVERYONE cringe at the sight of a tissue paper in the microwave? Read on...

1. Never, EVER, put chopsticks in the dishwasher.
2. Do not stir a thermos with a metal spoon because it will explode.
3. Paper towels may be used to cover food in the microwave, but tissue is forbidden. Why? Because tissue will light on fire (?!!).
4. Thou must turn off the air conditioning button and radio before stopping the ignition in the car.
5. The garbage/recycle bin mustn't, under any circumstances, be taken out the night prior to collection but rather right in the morning because the "garbage will get wet"
6. The dogs must have a bowel movement no later than 30 minutes after a meal. Or else.
7. Kitchen sponges are not to be used to scrub items that are moderately to very dirty. That's what running water is for, silly.

So, what are some crazy rules in your household?